Warehouse & Transportation Facilities

Optimized Cleanliness for Logistics Excellence

Our mission is to redefine cleanliness in the logistics sector, where every cleaned surface contributes to the seamless flow of goods and services. We focus on high-impact areas, stringent cleaning protocols and a commitment to excellence to not only meet regulatory standards but also enhance operational efficiency.

Type of Warehouse & Transportation Facilities We Clean

Order Picking Warehouse

Transit Warehouse

Logistic Warehouse

Intermodal Transportation

Production Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of cleaning for warehouse & transport facility spaces should be cleaned daily due to daily traffic volume. Most of our clients with this nature background operate daily including weekends and stat holidays.

Depending on the floor type (e.g. tile, carpet, hardwood), we select an appropriate cleaning solution, it may include a neutral floor cleaner, specialized floor wax or carpet shampoo, depending on the material. Sweeping and mopping is effective for hard surfaces, while carpet cleaning machines are used for carpeted areas. Care is taken to reach corners and edges for a complete clean.

It should be tailored based on the specific needs and foot traffic of facilities. Key areas typically focus on dispatch areas, washrooms, rest areas for drivers, locker rooms, high touch surfaces like door handles, entrances & exits, windows & glass surfaces, employee break rooms.

Scrub & Wax, Strip & Wax, Hot water Carpet Extract, Bonnet & Buff, High Windows Cleaning, Dock Office Cleaning.


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Common Areas

Trash/Recycling removal

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