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This is a valuable infographic by ISSA which represents the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment in commercial offices and facilities. Learn how you can save more money by maintaining a clean environment on a daily basis. 

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The Significance of Cleanliness in Calgary

Cleanliness holds immense importance in Calgary, reflecting the city’s commitment to health, hygiene, and quality of life. Despite the familiarity with the adage “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” some business owners in Calgary may overlook its significance in their establishments. From restaurants to public venues, maintaining cleanliness is crucial, especially considering the city’s high standards for health and sanitation.

Impact on Employees

Unclean workplaces can have detrimental effects on employee health and productivity in Calgary. Employees may be forced to take sick leave due to illnesses contracted in unclean environments, leading to absenteeism and reduced productivity. Calgary’s diverse workforce may have varying levels of immunity, making it essential to prioritize cleanliness to safeguard employee well-being.

Benefits of a Clean Environment

In Calgary, maintaining a clean workplace goes beyond aesthetics; it contributes to a positive work environment and enhances organizational reputation. A clean office promotes employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall morale. Moreover, it aligns with Calgary’s image as a clean and vibrant city, enhancing the organization’s brand and attracting clientele.

In summary, cleanliness is a fundamental aspect of Calgary’s work culture and business ethos. By prioritizing cleanliness, businesses in Calgary demonstrate their commitment to employee health, customer satisfaction, and community well-being. Embracing cleanliness not only enhances the workplace environment but also contributes to the city’s reputation as a clean and welcoming place to live and work.


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