Vicente Andres Ombuena

Position: Light Duty Cleaner
Our Best Employee of January, 2024


Something you really admire about working at White Spot?

The friendly support from my co-workers and the family atmosphere at the workplace made me feel very comfortable. Since I joined at White Spot company a year ago, each and every one of its members, from the management to my co-workers, have made me feel part of the work family. They always listen and support me at all times and despite of my language barrier, I have never felt excluded and always feel welcomed!

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Enjoying with my family, taking walks in the park, recently we did a trip visiting the city of Banff, watching movies, reading science fiction books, listening to music or researching about computer programs.

Tell us about your most cherishing memories so far!

The most beautiful memory I have is when I met my wife, one summer day on the beach in Valencia, a mutual friend introduced us and we started going out to different parks and mountain areas in Spain.

“Favorite Quote” which inspires you every day! What motivates you in your personal and professional life?

“Not wanting to is the cause, not being able to be the excuse”

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